Alarm Lock PP100 Power Supply

Alarm Lock PP100 Power Supply

Alarm Lock PP100 Power Supply


The PP100 is a battery eliminator that can be used with a variety of Alarm Lock door alarms or any other device that requires an unregulated power supply of between 6 and 9 volts. The PP100 is designed to replace all power normally supplied by the device's internal batteries, thus allowing these internal batteries to be used exclusively for battery backup if AC is lost.


  • For use with all PG10, PG21/E, PG30, 250, 700, 80, 260, 710 and 715 models.
  • The PP100 conserves the battery which automatically takes over as the power source to sound the alarm in the event of a power failure or intentional cut-off.
  • A built-in circuit breaker with push-button reset eliminates troublesome fuse replacements.
  • Includes a cam lock cylinder and 6’ of armored cable adequate to provide a door loop at the hinged-side of the door.
  • Can be used with all 6V and 9V models
  • Aluminum finish

 pdficon.pngInstallation Instructions


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