DETEX Delayed Egress Rim Exit Device with Magnetic Locking (V40xEM) V40XEMXCDX36

DETEX Delayed Egress Rim Exit Device with Magnetic Locking (V40xEM)

DETEX Delayed Egress Rim Exit Device with Magnetic Locking (V40xEM)


The V40XEMXCDX36, designed for primary and secondary exits, provides a secure 15-second delay and a 100dB alarm when someone attempts to exit. This 15-second delay allows management time to respond before someone exits and the alarm deters the exit from occurring. Per life safety requirements, the V40xEM must be provided with a fire alarm input, thus providing a system override during a fire emergency. The V40xEM provides security while meeting all life safety concerns, offering an exceptional value.


  •  2 point locking provides tandem holding force of (1400 lb.) latch bolt and (1500 lb.) electromagnetic lock
  • Priced to be the best value for durable and attractive delayed egress panic hardware
  • Reduces employee and customer theft
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Secure installation prevents mistakes, enhances security and reduces maintenance
  • Fits almost any door in any décor
  • Durable design provides years of trouble-free protection, saving on replacement costs
  • Controls foot traffic, deters unauthorized exits, prevents loss and meets building code requirements


  • Powered by a 24VDC filtered and regulated power supply
  • Panic Device and power supply have passed testing for electrostatic discharge (ESD) by an independent testing laboratory
  • Power supply delivers a constant 24VDC of filtered and regulated voltage at a rated load of 1A, including ripple rejection and transient noise suppression circuitry
  • Stainless steel, 3/4" deadlocking Pullman-type latch bolt
  • Non-handed, field sizeable
  • 100dB alarm
  • 1/8 turn cylinder dogging
  • Sturdy angled end-cap
  • Heavy-duty ribbed aluminum rail extrusion
  • Accommodates all types of mortise cylinders with a standard Yale cam
  • Patented mounting plate and strike locator system provide perfect alignment with door and frame
  • Single mortise cylinder provides arming and dogging - can be factory installed
  • State-of-the-art electronics offer reliable security and instantaneous alarm
  • Visual and audible arming indicators
  • 9V battery provides alarm function only in case of power failure
  • Armed and disarmed field selectable status indicator
  • Delayed arming allows arming after door closes
  • Remote signal output and remote bypass input standard Alarm triggered by latch bolt movement
  • Fire alarm input can be connected at power supply or panic bar
  • Includes delayed egress panic bar 24VDC filtered and regulated power supply, 1500 lb electromagnetic lock, door sign and 3’ conduit loop



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