Kaba AR402SA1ICLP0E0 Fingerprint Key Biometric Reader w/ iClass Card Reader

Kaba AR402SA1ICLP0E0 Fingerprint Key Biometric Reader w/ iClass Card Reader

Kaba AR402SA1ICLP0E0 Fingerprint Key Biometric Reader w/ iClass Card Reader
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From embedded biometric software to a flexible platform, the compact, outdoor-rated AR402 Fingerprint Key offers reliable biometrics and an extensive feature set to meet the needs of any customer. The Fingerprint Key is available in two memory configurations, supporting a wide number of users and access points. When used with Kaba’s Access Manager 300 (AM300) and Door Unit 500 (AD500), the AR402 creates a comprehensive, low-cost biometric access control system that accommodates up to eight readers and 1,000 users or 500 finger template pairs per AM300. If access control requirements entail a large number of readers and users, the AR402 combined with Kaba’s Access Manager 524 (AM524) and Door Unit (DU) supports up to 24 readers and 6,000 users or 3,000 finger pairs per AM524. With either configuration, the system offers three-factor authentication: biometrics, PIN code, and optional iCLASS® card. Sealed in a sturdy IP65-listed enclosure, the AR402 Fingerprint Key comes standard with an illuminated sensor and touch-sensor keypad and operates in virtually any indoor or outdoor environment. Supporting the communication standards for access control readers, the AR402 Fingerprint Key can function with Kaba’s embedded access control systems via RS485 as well as support third-party access control systems capable of decoding HID data formats via Wiegand. The AR402 Fingerprint Key is very scalable and flexible and implements easily into any new or existing structure. When employed into a system, the AR402 supports fingerprint template distribution between readers, eliminating the need to enroll users at each reader. A user simply enrolls at any connected AR402, and the user’s templates are automatically transferred to system readers along with their appropriate access rights. System configuration options include:

  • Kaba AM300 or AM524 with RS485 connection and AR402: the Access Manager allows fingerprint template distribution and controls access rights. 
  • Kaba AM300 or AM524 with RS485 connection, AR402, and Wiegand third- party access control system: the Access Manager unit only controls fingerprint distribution — the third-party system manages the access rights. In this setup, the biometric reader passes the fingerprint up to the third-party system as a number, i.e., just like reading a card.


  • Complements Existing Kaba Access Manager 300/500 Systems 
  • Supports Third-party Access Control System (Wiegand) 
  • Up to 50 Users 
  • Access Granted in Less Than One Second 
  • Embedded Biometric Application 
  • IP65-listed Reader


  • Access Control: Flexible biometric reader works with third-party access control systems employing Wiegand.
  • Interfaces: RS485 and Wiegand, tamper switch contact 24 V/0.1A
  • Power Supply: Input 12 to 24 VDC (24 VDC recommended) // Max.: 420 mA 12 VDC // Idle: 120 mA 12 VDC
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 2 in (115 x 65 x 51 mm); includes mounting plate
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 122 °F (-10 to 50 °C); no direct sunlight
  • Relative Humidity: 10 to 95%, non-condensing
  • Housing and Installation: Flush cable mounting (30 cm or 11.8 in) with metal mounting plate indoors or in protected outdoor area
  • iClass Card Reader: The AR402 stores the fingerprint template and performs a “one-on-one” match using both the fingerprint stored on the card as well as the reader. This type of authentication enables the system to accommodate many users without the need for fingerprint template distribution hardware.
  • Finish: Black

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