Bea 10PBO24E Push To Open Single Gang Push Plate

Bea 10PBO24E Push To Open Single Gang Push Plate

Bea 10PBO24E Push To Open Single Gang Push Plate
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Bea 10PBO24E Push To Open Single Gang Push Plate

The PBO24E is a single gang style push plate with "Push To Exit" text. BEA's Single Gang Plates are a premium option ideal for applications that are either too close to a door frame for a full size square or round push plate and allows for easy installation for both new jobs and existing applications.

To improve and enhance accessibility, the PBO24E can be mounted with BEA's standard single gang surface mount box and is compatible with most standard single gang electrical boxes.

  • 2 ¾" × 4 ½" single gang size
  • Grade 304 stainless steel maximizes corrosion resistance and reduces rusting
  • Stainless steel materials are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Available in hard wired and wireless options (RF 433, 390 or 300 MHz)
  • The PBO24E is universal to most single gang boxes (indoor or outdoor)
  • Beveled edges provide a tamper / vandal resistant solution
  • Activation across the entire surface area of the push plate
  • Stainless steel design is resistant to scratches & scuffing as well as rust
  • Text is abrasive etched onto the surface for maximum durability
  • A standard weather boot protects the cherry switch from harsh environments
  • Wireless options include 433, 390 or 300 MHz frequencies

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