Kaba E-Plex EP-EPRISE-03-001 3200/3700/5200/5700 Enterprise Server/Client Software

Kaba E-Plex EP-EPRISE-03-001 3200/3700/5200/5700 Enterprise Server/Client Software

Kaba E-Plex EP-EPRISE-03-001 3200/3700/5200/5700 Enterprise Server/Client Software
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pdficon.pngSystem Requirements

Many of the Kaba E-Plex locks are stand-alone access control and do not require software, but the E-Plex line also offers several software management options that will make updating and managing your access control system efficient and effective.The E-Plex Enterprise Software with Wireless Option allows advanced management of the E-Plex Series locks with features such as access schedule, holiday and vacation blocks, visitor management and much more. 



  • Easily manages up to 3,000 Users per lock
  • Maintains up to 30,000 Events in each lock, including emergency mechanical override key usage for tracking purposes
  • 16 access schedules per lock; unlimited schedules in the database
  • 32 holidays/vacations per lock; unlimited holidays in the database
  • Guest/Visitor management with programmable expiry from one day to a year
  • Very flexible management of Service users who have PIN only access—Service users can have either one-time access only, or 1 through 96 hour expiry access, or access with no expiry
  • Can quickly assign a new user to multiple doors, or assign multiple users to one door with the use of Access Groups saving enormous data entry at the PC by the operator
  • Can import and export thousands of user profile records (names, Smart card or PROX card IDs and/or PINs) from/to an external database source for managing large number of user profiles
  • Dual database feature allows users to have PROX card IDs and Smart card IDs, enabling users to manage both PROX card locks and Smart card locks simultaneously
  • Each customer site’s computer database, as well as data in the locks are all fully protected with the site’s unique internal communications key, maintained by the software for utmost data integrity and security
  • Extensive Report generation, including Lock Audits, Operator Activity at PC, Access Groups, Access Schedules, Users by Door, and Doors by User, User ID cards, etc.

Architecture & Database:

  • Server/Client based, runs either in stand-alone mode on a single PC or in a networked environment on a server PC and multiple client PCs
  • Robust SQL-based database using encryption to protect and manage securely all E-Plex user lock-related system database

Access Credential: Single credential—PIN only or card only, or Dual credential—PIN followed by card

E3600/5600 Smart Cards Supported: MIFARE and DESFire and HID (iCLASS) 13.56 MHz Smart cards per ISO 14443 A and B

E3700/5700 Prox Cards Supported: Any HID-compatible 125 kHz PROX RFID cards with Wiegand bit format ranging between the standard 26 bits and up to 84 bits

ID Card Enroller: pcProx (by RF Ideas Inc) PROX card reader/enroller or Smart card enroller required

Authority Levels

  • Master: One global Master per entire system; 24/7 access to all locks with no schedule or ockout restrictions; can also program and audit locks
  • Manager: Schedule-based access—with no expiry; can also program and audit locks
  • Access User: Schedule-based access; can only access locks—with no expiry
  • Guest/Visitor: Schedule-based access; can only access locks—with maximum one year expiry
  • Service: 24/7 PIN only access—one-time access, or 1 through 96 hour expiry access, or no expiry access
  • M-Unit (Data Transfer): 24/7 data transfer capability (programming and/or auditing) of locks on site only; no entry access to any locks on site allowed

Operation Modes

  • Manual Passage: Toggle passage mode on/off at lock keypad by the Master or the Manager(s)
  • Scheduled Access: Access granted per schedules and access privileges
  • First "Privileged User" In Passage: Lock enters passage mode after a "privileged" user or manager opens lock at, or after the start of scheduled access start time
  • Auto Passage: Lock enters passage mode automatically at the start of scheduled access start time
  • Lockout: Only the Master or the emergency mechanical key can override the lockout

Technical Specfications

  • PC Hardware: IBM compatible PC with Microsoft Windows
  • Portable Maintenance Unit (M-Unit): Netbook or a mini laptop PC with Windows
  • Note: The PC M-Unit (Laptop or Netbook) requires Kaba’s E-Plex M-Unit Kit as an accessory; the kit contains a USB flash drive and an IrDA adaptor
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows (not included)


  • You can extend your access control capabilities 
  • Features such as access schedules, visitor management, and extensive audit trails 
  • Manage user profile 
  • Door access schedules 
  • Runs on either a single PC or in a networked Server/Client environment 
  • Supports Microsoft windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 
  • Manages up to 3,000 users per door 
  • Maintains up to 30,000 audit events in each door

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