Medeco M3 11TR603 2-3/8" Backset Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt

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Medeco M3 11TR603 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Product Specifications

  • Grade 1 Single Cylinder deadbolt.
  • Medeco M3 6 pin Restricted Cylinder, 2 keys included.
  • 2-3/8" Backset, 1" Front Faceplate.
  • Door thickness: 1-3/8" - 2-1/2" 
  • Standard 2-1/8" cross bore and 1" edge bore.
  • Finish: Satin Nickel & Bright Brass.
  • Thumbturn inside, key outside.
  • Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks.
  • Steel shroud over bolt protects against ice pick type attacks.
  • High security strike plate.
  • Hardened steel bolt and bolt throwing mechanism.
  • UL listed.

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt Vs. Kick Attack

The Medeco® Maxum Residential deadbolt exceeds ANSI Grade 1 standard for auxiliary locks and comes in an aesthetically pleasing package. Solid brass, free turning collar and 1/4 inch diameter mounting bolts resist wrenching, prying and hammering attacks. 1 inch throw hardened steel bolt resists sawing and crowbar attacks.

Hardened steel inserts and rotating pins provide drill and pick resistance according to UL 437 standard. The Medeco3 design offers a utility patent that provides protection against unauthorized key duplication.

The Maxum is a UL437 Listed, BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 Certified deadbolt, offering unmatched protection against unauthorized key duplication, bumping attacks, picking, drilling, wrenching, kicking, or other physical abuse. A solid 1'' hardened steel bolt in heavy gauge steel housing provides maximum defense against physical attack.

Control Over Your Keys The locking technology in the Maxum residential deadbolt carries a BHMA A156.30 Certification, giving you assurance that your keys are fully protected from unauthorized duplication as well as a UL 437 Listing for protection against picking and drilling attacks. With this protection, you are assured of knowing exactly who has access to your possessions and loved ones. This deadbolt, like all Medeco Residential locks, can be masterkeyed for maximum flexibility.


  • Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type attacks.
  • High security strike plate has a special box design with 2” screws that anchor the strike directly to the building structure behind the frame, preventing “kick-in” type attacks
  • Hardened steel bolt and bolt throwing mechanism are surrounded by a heavy-gauge tubular steel housing for maximum resistance to crowbar attacks.
  • Solid brass design is secured with high-tensile steel mounting bolts for maximum resistance against hammer and prying attacks.
  • Utility patented key control, (for cylinders that incorporate the Medeco3design), provides protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys.
  • A special elevating and rotating pin tumbler design, along with false slots on the bottom pins, mushroom top pins and a sidebar mechanism, work together, to provide superior pick resistance.
  • Angled cuts on the keys, along with fore and aft positioning, in the Medeco3 design, provide added dimensions that dramatically increases key combinations and enables Medeco® to produce some of the largest master key systems in the industry.
  • Hardened steel inserts, positioned in critical areas of the cylinder, provide a high degree of drill resistance.
  • UL437 listing provides assurance that cylinders meet universal standards for drill and pick resistance and resistance against other types of forced attack.


Ideal for residential applications requiring a top of the line Grade 1 deadbolt


Two year warranty offers assurance of product quality and factory support in the rare event there is a problem.


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