Alarm Lock PG21MSS Door Alarm With Strobe

Alarm Lock PG21MSS Door Alarm With Strobe

Alarm Lock PG21MSS Door Alarm With Strobe
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sight + sound = Pinpoint Security

Alarm Lock’s PG21 Series Narrow Stile Door Alarms have long been an industry staple in all applications, from retail, to firms, to institutions and schools. And now the best, just got better! The New & Improved PG21 MS Series Door Alarms have new features and a new Designer Look that fits both standard size and narrow stile doors. The new Strobe Option for sight and sound upon alarm is a necessity when time is so critical in apprehending a perpetrator making an un- authorized exit. Now security staff can audibly and visually pinpoint which door, across the floor, even among a whole bank of doors, has been violated faster than ever.

Advanced new features:

  • New designer look
  • Always Armed Mode
  • Standard Arming Mode
  • Status Indicator - RED when armed
  • Entry Delay Time Options - 15 sec., 1 min. 15 sec., 3 min. 15 sec.
  • Self-contained and dual-tamper supervised
  • Convenient No-Cut jumpers
  • Improved sweeping siren over 95db
  • Visual magnetic alignment mode, eliminates templates
  • Long-life 9V battery powered (supplied); Low battery alert
  • Non-strobe version also available with new and improved features 
  • CER rim cylinder for exterior arming/disarming (Sold Separate)


The PG21MS is a magnetic contact controlled door alarm for surface mounting on a door or door frame. Typical applications include emergency fire escape doors, nursing home stairwell doors, rear restaurant and theater doors. PG21MS is de- signed to continually monitor the status of a door. When opened, the protected door triggers an alarm sounder, an optional strobe or can activate another device via a Form-C relay.


The PG21MS unit is usually mounted on the interior of the door frame or door and is paired with a magnet mounted on the opposing side of the door gap. Open- ing the door, when armed, will trip the internal relay thus activating the alarm. Shipped in Always Armed mode can be converted to a manual On/Off mode (al- lowing the operator to manually arm or disarm with the key). The Status indicator (located on the front of the Housing Cover) signifies whether the unit is armed or disarmed (red indicates armed status). A selectable annunciator feature beeps to signal the opening of the door while the unit is disarmed. 

Programmable Features:

  • Four Siren Sounds
  • Four Alarm Modes for a variety of applications
  • Optional Time Delays
  • Battery Operated (battery life approximately 2 1/2 years)
  • External Power Supply Capability
  • Built-in Door Bell (requires button installation)
  • Cover Tamper Protection (unauthorized removal triggers alarm)
  • Key Lock Tamper (cover cannot be removed without key)
  • Accepts standard mortise cylinders
  • Multiple Door Monitoring (external reed/magnet switch contacts)
  • Form-C Relay (connect to fire/burglary panel or other device)
  • Annunciator Feature (beeps when door opens)
  • Two Operating Modes: Always Armed and On/Off
  • Strobe Feature (PG21MSS models only)
  • Status Indictor


  • Dimensions 11” x 2 1/2” x 2 3/8” (22.8cm x 6.3cm x 6.8cm) (LxWxD) (Length 11” with Strobe; 9” without Strobe)
  • Finish Metallic Silver 
  • Power Requirements 9-Volt Alkaline Battery (supplied). The PG21 may also be used with Model PP100 (optional) or other power supply providing 9-12Vdc at 300mA. Internal battery may be used simultaneously with external power supply.
  • Sounding Device Piezo electronic sounder sweep siren, steady or pulsing, 110dB at 10 feet
  • Relay Contacts (Form-C) rated at 24VAC/DC at 1A (non- inductive) 

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