Camden CM-2000 Series Flush Mount Key Switch

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Camden Door Controls CM-2000 Series flush mount key switches meet the stringent demands of key switch controls. They are designed for use with standard 1”, 1 1/8”, or 1 1/4” mortise cylinders. Fabricated from 1/4” thick aluminum, into a one piece die cast construction, with unique Camden Manufacturing features. CM-2000 is only 1 3/4” wide, perfect for door frames or narrow areas. This model accepts one or two switches, and have a counter sunk cylinder opening, in a one piece casted assembly. A brass cylinder lock ring, 2 socket/slotted screws, and 2 tamperproof screws with driver, are also supplied. (The mortise cylinder is available separately from Camden Door Controls.) The design and construction makes it ideal for all-weather environments. The assembly is tamper and vandal resistant. CM Key Switches are flexible, and can be supplied in numerous switch configurations to suit varied commercial and industrial applications, and functions. Camden Key Switches provide a practical, cost effective means for authorized personnel to control and signal various functions within a complex.


The CM-2000 Series Key Switches will control overhead doors, electric locks, electro-magnetic locks, electric strikes, and motors. They are also used for shunting, bypassing, timed functions, activating and deactivating CCTV and access control equipment, and other applications. They are constructed for high frequency use, and will accept a standard mortise cylinder.


Key Switch Controls to be used throughout the site, or complex will be supplied exclusively by Camden Door Controls. The CM-2000 Series key switches shall be used for all flush mount applications. The faceplate will incorporate a mounting platform for both the cylinder and switches, in a single piece construction. The faceplate will have 180° locators so that set screws shall not be required to prevent the cylinder from rotating. Only a brass cylinder lock ring will be employed to hold the mortise cylinder to the faceplate. The one piece 1/4” thick aluminum assembly shall be tamper and vandal resistant, with a countersunk cylinder opening, and the edges beveled. The key switch shall be supplied with stainless steel Torx or snake eye security screws. The one piece faceplate with casted mounting platform, will have two holes for switch mounting. It shall be possible to select either left or right operation. In areas requiring dual control, two switches shall be used offering bi-directional operation from the same key switch. The switch component used will be a UL/CSA approved type, rated for 4 amp @ 6A/125V AC, and 3A/250V AC. Switches are to be supplied with color coded soldered leads, encased in heat shrink tubing. The switch must be protected from accidental damage from the cylinder cam, by having an integral metal centre rib incorporated into the design of the faceplate.

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